License #: B.0002884

A full-service property
management company
in Reno, Nevada.

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We handle all of your advertising for renting out your property, from advertisements in local publications to online—even on this website.

  • Compose advertisements for our available units in the Reno and Sparks areas.
  • Place advertisements for vacant units on behalf of the owner.
  • Place signage on properties to advertise vacancies in the Reno and Sparks areas.

Screening Applicants

Screening all applicants for available units to include a credit check, unlawful detainer, criminal background check, screening and past tenancy report.

This includes an interior inspection of the owner’s property 90-120 days after a tenant moves in to verify that the tenant is living in a clean and responsible manner.

  • Finding the best tenant for owners is our primary goal. We understand that good tenants are the key to good property management.
  • Keeping your rented property in good condition is much easier when you have a team with experience to find the right tenant.

Communication with Tenants

We field all tenant communication and attend to all tenant correspondence. That means we resolve all maintenance calls, tenant concerns, complaints, or questions.

Upon vacancy, Shoenberger staff will schedule a walk through with tenant, assessing cleaning and other repairs needed, and will schedule vendors to complete the cleaning/repairs.

  • Respond to all tenant communication in an efficient and professional manner.
  • Signing new tenants to a lease.
  • Resolving conflicts if any should arise.

Handling Payment

We agree on a monthly management fee, and our company takes care of everything other than those items that you wish to be personally involved in.

We have a range of management fees from 5% to 10%, based on the amount of participation our property owners want to have in the management process.

Our payment handling gives peace of mind for property owners, as we provide the following services:

  • Direct deposit of funds into the owner’s account at no cost to the owner.
  • Emailing a monthly financial statement to the owner every month.
  • Owners can view documents and financial reports 24/7.


We coordinate all property related contracts such as lawn care, snow removal, pest control, and pay for those services out of owner’s funds.

We keep all current tenant information on file as well as all correspondence with tenants and other property related information.

  • Paying all maintenance related invoices out of the owner’s funds.
  • Scheduling vendors to respond to maintenance calls as they arise.

Eviction Processing

While we do everything in our power to prevent eviction, when it becomes necessary, we handle the entire eviction process.

  • Providing the notice to the tenant.
  • Calling law enforcement when necessary.

A complete, itemized list of services will be provided upon request.