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Shoenberger & Shoenberger is a real estate company specializing in residential property management. Our inventory of properties is numerous and varied.

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We manage properties in the greater Washoe County area that includes
Reno proper, Sparks proper, the South and North valleys, Fernley, Carson City and Minden.

Our properties include single family homes, town homes, condominiums
and small to mid-sized apartment complexes.

We currently manage over 700 units and have over 400 owner/clients.

Our company is unique in the market place in the following areas:

1. Experience

There is no other property manager in the markets that we serve that has the breadth, depth, and longevity that George, our owner, has with residential rental properties.

George has provided property management and sold residential rental properties in our service areas for over 45 years. In addition, he has invested in residential rental properties for over 45 years, including developing and building residential rental properties for 8 years.

2. Team Approach

Our property management company is built on a team approach, where our entire staff works directly with each owner, and is intimately familiar with the needs of their rental properties.

This approach is unique to the property management industry and allows us to provide a level of service that other companies can only dream about. The most common method used by property management companies throughout the nation, is to assign a property owner to work with only one individual, who is the only person who knows you and your rental property. The problem with this approach is that a single person doing property management for between 60-80 properties can become overloaded very quickly, resulting in the lack of communication and follow-up that the industry is too often known for. At Shoenberger & Shoenberger, you will receive service from our entire seven-member staff. By being organized in this manner, we can provide consistent, high quality property management service that is not dependent on a single staff person.

3. Full Service Property Management

When we say “full service” property management, we mean just that.

Our team handles all special circumstances that may come up with your property, and then some. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge hourly rates for our services that are deemed by the industry as “special services.” In fact, we don’t deem any property management service as a special service. That includes the supervision of improvements to a newly vacated or newly purchased rental property to get it rent ready, even if you are a brand new client to our company. It also includes handling tenant issues in small claims court, or appeals over a Homeowners Association violation and/or fine.

4. Cost Savings

We have worked very hard over the years to find the best vendors possible at the most reasonable cost to our clients.

We currently have long-term relationships with highly professional vendors in the areas we serve who are not only good at what they do, but more importantly are accountable for their work. An example is our relationship with our handyman who is the best deal in town. He is a highly skilled, independent contractor with more than 30 years of experience who only works for our property management company and can respond to an emergency within 20 minutes. He also works after 5:00 P.M. on weekdays and all day on weekends and Holidays, if needed, to handle our after-hours emergency calls.

5. Flexibility

We have a range of management fees from 7% to 10%. Each level is based on the amount a property may rent for or the number of properties involved.

In addition, we are also able to adjust our property management style to the specific needs of each individual property owner. This can range from owners using their own preferred vendors to adding preferred rental agreement clauses to our rental agreement, and much, much more. We complete an extensive questionnaire on each and every owner and property so that our property management is done in a style that fits the individual owner’s wishes.

6. Accessibility

George makes himself available at all times so that you do not have to go through a chain of command to get to the decision maker.

Every owner represented by Shoenberger & Shoenberger has George’s cell phone number and he takes calls 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have a problem then we have a problem, and we want it dealt with as soon as possible.

7. Simplicity

Please take a look at our property management agreement before you sign any other property management agreement. You will find it to be the shortest, most owner-friendly property management agreement in the marketplace.

There is even a release clause that allows you to terminate our services with 30-day notice at no cost to you. We agree on a monthly management fee and our company takes care of everything else. You get your money directly deposited into your account, on time, every month. Simple, easy, and stress free.

8. Specialization

We do residential property management in our service areas and only residential property management.

By being focused on only one of the varied areas of property management, we feel it has allowed us to become extremely efficient and competent. This results in our ability to provide the very best service to our clients throughout Northern Nevada.

9. Philosophy

George got started in property management in Reno by investing in his own residential real estate. He understands on a very personal level how important these assets are to each owner.

He knows what it is like to write a check out of his own checking/savings account because one of his rental properties is vacant. He also realizes that good property management is the key to a successful real estate investment. We at Shoenberger & Shoenberger, Inc. greatly value and respect the trust an owner extends to us when they ask us to manage their rental property. Your rental property will be cared for just as if it was one of our own rental properties.

What Our Clients Say

George’s input was vital to my being able to make a decision about whether I should invest or not.

~ Frank Bruno
Palm Springs, CA Investor